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The Waterscapes Strata Response to Covid-19

What is Your Strata Doing to Keep You Safe?

  • Maintaining Social Distancing

  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing of all high traffic areas.

  • Closing some Amenities - the billiard room and guest suites remain closed.

  • Limiting Some Amenities - the Cascade Lounge, barbeque area, hot tubs and fitness room have reduced hours and must be booked through

  • Providing PPE to employees to keep them and others safe.

  • Developing, monitoring and updating safety protocols for residents, employees and contractors.

  • Delaying unnecessary repairs if they require close contact and are not a risk to health or safety.

Our Covid-19 Regulations Have Changed

Your strata council is dedicated to adhering to the regulations and public health guidelines and will be strictly enforcing all the policies we have in place.

Protecting the safety of our owners, residents,
employees, and the service providers is of upmost importance to your strata council and management team.  This page has been prepared to reinforce the messaging recommended by public health officials.

With suspected and confirmed cases recently occurring in the Kelowna community, we are providing the following reminders and information.

Covid-19 precautions for multi-unit residential buildings require a careful mix of risk mitigation, risk communication, healthy promotion, and of course heightened sanitary measures.


  • Keep your distance from others in the lobbies.

  • Maximum 2 persons in the elevator at a time.

  • Ask service personnel to wear a mask if they need to enter your suite.

  • Sanitize your hands as you enter or exit your building.

  • Sanitize your hands before you use the elevator.

  • If you are sick, please stay home.

Regulations that Apply to Your Strata

  • WorkSafe BC

  • Technical Safety BC

  • Provincial Orders such as Covid-19 enactments.

  • Regiona Health Orders

  • Local Government Orders

  • Pool Regulations

  • Fire Code

  • BC Employment Standards

  • Govt of Canada and the BC Privacy Act

Worksafe Covid-19

Guide for Employees

Employee Guidelines for Covid-19
Updated November 25, 2020


  • If an employee or any member of their household are sick with a fever, cough or other symptoms of Covid-19, they must not come to work.

  • If an employee or any member of their household have been in recent contact with someone that has tested positive for Covid-19, the employee must not come to work.

  • If and employee or any member of their household have returned from a foreign country within the last 14 days and the employee remains in the home, the employee must not come to work.

  • Employees must practice frequent hand washing or sanitizing throughout the day.

  • Employees must practice distancing from residents, contractors and other employees.  If employees must work within 2 meters, they are required to wear a mask.

  • Employees are required to wear a mask in indoor public areas such as hallways, elevators, lobbies and in the parkade.

  • Employees must ask the resident the covid-19 questions before entering a condo. (Is anyone in your household sick?  Has anyone in your household returned to Canada within the last 14 days?)

  • Employees must wear masks if they are entering a condo.

  • Employees will be notified by email if these guidelines change.

  • Employees must sign below to indicate that they have read and agree to follow these guidelines.

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