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Short Term Stay Registration
* For Owner/Landlord Use Only!

Owners that are permitted to do short-term rentals must register their guests with this form.  This will assist on-site management when there is a need to contact the guest during their stay.  Hopefully this will help to improve your guest's experience.  

Your guest contact information will not be shared with anyone.

Short Stay Registration Form
The landlord email is required to send a confirmation.

The personal information requested and subsequently provided in this form is for the purpose of communicating with guests and owners, ensuring the orderly management of the Strata Corporation and compliance with legal requirements.

Short Term Stay Resources

The City of Kelowna Business License Requirements

The City of Kelowna requires the completion a number of forms including a Strata Consent Form.  Please email the completed strata consent form and a copy of your application to  The council president will sign and return the form to you normally within a few days.

Steps to Obtaining a Business License

  • Submit a short-term rental business application form and fee payment for approval by the City.

  • Provide proof of ownership OR Owner Consent Form.

  • Submit Strata Consent Form, if applicable.
    (See note below for Waterscapes Process for the Strata Consent Form).

  • Submit Good Neighbour Agreement Form.

  • Submit Fire and Safety Attestation Form.

  • Prepare a fire and safety evacuation plan identifying the location of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, fire exits, and sleeping units.

Submit your application form and supporting documents either in person at City Hall or by email to Fees can be paid online or in person at City Hall.

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