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Skye Dryer Replacements

This information is for Skye owners purchasing a new washer/ventless dryer.  Trail Appliance has reorganized how Skye residents can connect for the bulk pricing.  You can purchase any washer/Ventless dryer combination from any supplier There is no obligation to purchase from Trail.


  1. Trail Appliance will be running at least 3 info sessions on the washer/dryers for Skye residents.  The first will be shortly after May 22 and I will email the schedule.  Owners can see a sample of the washer/dryer on display and ask any questions they may have.  (The samples are not ventless but otherwise identical).

    Owners that go to Trail Appliance at times other than the published schedule will not have access to Terry V and the sales people on the floor can not help you with pricing etc.


  2. Trail has asked me to collect the info of residents that wish to purchase from Trail.  When we have eight suites registered for purchase, Trail will make arrangements for payment, delivery and installation as well the disposal of your old washer/dryer.

  3. The Community Director will make arrangements for your dryer vent to be decommissioned once you have your new ventless dryer.

  4. Email your receipt to

  5. Once the receipt is received, the strata will pay out any stipend that is owed pending the proceeds of the lawsuit.

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