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Cascade Lounge Booking
Personal Information

The personal information requested and subsequently provided in this form is for the purpose of communicating with tenants and owners, ensuring the orderly management of the Strata Corporation and compliance with legal requirements.

Booking Rules

Maximum Six Hour Bookings Between 8:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M.

Please Note the Following​

  • Residents may reserve the Cascade Lounge at no charge. 

  • The reservation is limited to the lounge area and does not include the billiard room or pool area.

  • Owners who have leased their units are not entitled to this privilege.

  • The lounge can not be reserved for marketing activities.

You Must Comply with the Following;

  1. Lounge Hours
    The term of your exclusive use must be within the hours of operation: 8:30 a.m. to 10 P.M.;

  2. Number of Reservations
    The lounge can be reserved for a maximum six (6) hour block only, one(1) reservation at a time, up to two (2) times a month per unit. Exceptions apply to last minute bookings on availability for same day.

  3. Responsibility for Guests
    I (We) agree to be responsible for the conduct of your guests and their treatment of the facility.   All guests must comply with the rules that apply to the use of the facility.   This includes applicable bylaws of the Strata Corporation such as not creating a disturbance for other owners (noise).

  4. Maximum 50 Persons
    Your booking allows for a maximum of fifty (50) guests

  5.  One Business Day in Advance
    Your booking must be made a least one full business day in advance of your reservation date.

  6. Guests Must be Accompanied
    Guests of residents using the lounge must at all times be accompanied by the residents.

  7. Form K Submission
    Renters that have filed a Form K with the strata corporation are permitted to use the Amenity room.

  8. Strata Priority Bookings
    Bookings for the Strata Corporation business will take priority over private bookings and are subject to a one week (7 day) booking rule. Emergency Council meetings can be held elsewhere if the Amenity room has a prior booking.

  9. No Use of Tape on the Walls
    Please do not use tape or stick pins to hang birthday signs etc.  The tape is very difficult to remove without damaging the wall.

  10. NO Smoking, No Pets
    NO SMOKING or animals are allowed in the lounge, the billiard room, the Cascade Club lobby, the washrooms or the poolside and hot tub area.

  11. Alcohol
    Alcohol is permitted in the Amenity Lounge during a booking and only with the "Exclusive Use Sign" posted at the front door of the lounge.   Visible alcoholic beverages are not permitted outside of the Cascade Lounge.

  12. Pool Area Not Included

  13. Return Furniture
    Return all furniture to its original location(s).

  14. Clean and Vacate by 10 P.M.
    Room must be cleaned and vacated by 10:00 P.M. after which time only 6 guests are allowed per resident.

  15. Gargage and Recycling
    All garbage and recycling must be taken to the garbage room in the parkade level.

  16. Report Any Damage
    Report any damages to the strata manager immediately at 250-712-1088.

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