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Resident Parking Stall Rentals
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Parking Ads

* Only for those with a stall to rent.

Terms and Conditions to Place a Parking Ad

Waterscapes Owners Strata KAS 3589 is in no way responsible for the rental, payment or condition of a parking stall.  The only service we provide is a list of available stalls.  Stall owners are responsible for the collection of rents and the payment of any fines that may occur.

  • Parking stalls may only be rented to a current resident of Waterscapes.

  • Any person renting a parking stall is subject to all the bylaws of the strata.

  • Parking stall ownership will not be verified by the strata.

  • The strata will only provide replacement parking tags to the owner of the stall or the tenant of the suite.

  • Visitor parking tags can not be rented as visitor parking is for visitors and not for residents.

Parking Ads

Stall # 334

Available : August 1, 2023

Asking: $ 200

Contact: Annie Lord


Phone: 1-424-353-7081

Stall # 338 (Back of Tandem Stall)

Available : Now

Asking: $ 150

Contact: Karen Ferrer


Phone: 250.836.4266

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