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Guest Room Booking


Our guest suites are similar to a small hotel room with one queen sized bed, a TV, a sitting chair and a bathroom with a shower.  The linens are changed before you check-in and again after you check-out for the next guest.

Booking Calendar
Colored Blocks are Booked
* Dates with "3 more" have multiple bookings.  Click for details. 

The personal information requested and subsequently provided in this form is for the purpose of communicating with tenants and owners, ensuring the orderly management of the Strata Corporation and compliance with legal requirements.

Guest Room Booking Steps

*Important - Please Read Carefully

  • Step 1   Read the Rules
    found at the bottom of this page.


  • Step 2   Check Availability
    on the Calendar.  We have three guest rooms in total. 


  • Step 3   Submit Your Application located to the left on this page.

  • Step 4   Your Application Review by the office the next business day.

  • Step 5  PayPal Payment
    must be received before your reservation is confirmed. 


  • Step 6   Your Confirmation and necessary info is emailed to you.

  • Step 7  Check-in Your Guest
    on the day of arrival with the
    keyless door code.

    * Cancellations
    There is a $70 booking fee which is applied to your first day's rental.  The booking fee is non-refundable if a cancellation is not received 14 days before check-in date. Cancellations must be made by email to

I Will Comply with the Following

  1. The guest will not check into the Guest Room
    until after 3:00 P.M. the first day of the rental.

  2. All guests will vacate the Guest Room by 11:00 A.M. on the last day of the rental.

  3. The Guest Room key and fob will be left in the room on the key hook provided when the guest stay is completed.

  4. The Guest Room will be left locked with the keyless entry mechanism. 

  5. There is absolutely no visible alcohol allowed in the amenity lounge, pool area, billiard room, hot tub area, or common areas at Waterscapes.

  6. There is no smoking allowed in the guest rooms or in any common areas at Waterscapes.

  7. There are no pets allowed in the guest room.

  8. Guest rooms are not hotel rooms.  Please do not leave excessive garbage.  Extra charges
    will be considered for excessively dirty suites or stained bedding.


Terms and Booking Rules


  1. Room Availability:  
    We have three guest
    rooms available to all residents; one in Herons 1, Herons 2 and one in Skye Tower!  If the calendar day you want to reserve has less than three bookings then we have an available guest room for you.  We have the right to assign the suite as it suits our needs.  You are  not guaranteed the room you requested.

  2. Non Concurrent Bookings 
    Owners/Residents can only have one reservation at a time.  The current reservation must be completed before a second reservation can be made.

  3. Booking Requests
    a.  All booking requests must be made by the resident. 
    b.  Owners who have assigned their amenity privileges to a tenant through a rental agreement are not entitled to book the guest rooms.
    c.  Guests are not entitled to book rooms directly.

  4. Reservation Notice
    You are required to book the guest rooms one business day in advance of the check-in date.  For example, if your guest stay is on a Sunday the booking must be submitted by Thursday.

  5. Resident Responsibility
    The resident booking the room must be present in Kelowna for the complete duration of the guests stay.  The resident is responsible to familiarize themselves with the procedures, help their guest with visitor parking, inform their guests regarding rules, help their guest with access to the room and the use of the fob and key, etc.

  6. Reservation Confirmation
    Reservations are only confirmed on the next business day after payment has been made.  The resident will be notified of confirmation by email.

  7. Peak Season Bookings
    May 1 - September 30 @ $75/night, $40 cleaning fee, 3 night maximum stay and 2 bookings per month.

  8. Off Season Bookings
      October 1 - April 30 @ $75/night, $40 cleaning fee, 5 night maximum stay and 2 bookings per month.

  9. Payment
    The payment for the guest room rental must be made before your reservation will be confirmed.

  10. Legal Agreement Terms
    The person completing this webform must be of legal age, an owner or tenant at Waterscapes Strata KAS 3589 and must not have assigned their privileges to a tenant.  By checking the "I Agree" button and the "Submit" button you are indicating that you acknowledge that under the Strata Property Act, a tenant or guest in a strata corporation must comply with the bylaws and rules of the strata corporation.  If I (we) or a person admitted by me (us) for any reason, contravenes a bylaw or rule, the undersigned further acknowledges that I (we) may be subject to penalties, including eviction without notice by the landlord or agent, fines, denial of access to recreational facilities and if the strata corporation incurs costs for remedying a contravention, a payment for those costs (e.g. if security is called).  It is your responsibility to possess and understand the current strata bylaws and rules.

  11. I (we) accept, understand and will comply with all the rules and regulations stated in the Strata Corporation's Bylaws as well as its Rules as set out below.

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