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Insurance Guidelines
This page was last updated on November 19, 2021

This information is provided for you by the strata and is for your general information only.  It is the sole responsibility on each owner/tenant to know their particular insurance needs.  This information is not to be taken as legal advice.

Points to Consider

  1. Our strata is responsible to have adequate full replacement value insurance for the common property, common assets, buildings on the strata plan and fixtures.

  2. Our strata has a water damage deductible and each owner should carry their own insurance that will cover that deductible.

  3. When an owner is purchasing insurance they should provide a copy of the strata's "Summery of Insurance" to the broker.  A copy is included with your Annual General Meeting Notice.

  4. It is the responsibility of each owner to obtain insurance for their strata lot for content and liability. and improvements to a strata lot.

  5. It is the responsibility of each tenant to obtain insurance for their content and liability.

  6. Each owner should review the "Certificate of Insurance" from the Annual General Meeting Notice outlines the insured perils, limits of coverage and applicable deductibles.

  7. It is encouraged that each owner and tenant maintain a secondary living expense fund.  The strata's insurance does not cover these costs.

The following PDF files were provided to us by the strata's insurer BFL Canada insurance Services Inc.


Who Pays?
Loss Or Damage In Strata Properties

Who Pays the Deductible?

Deductible Charge Backs in Strata Claims

Unit Owners Responsibility

The Importance of Unit Owner's Personal Insurance


Typical Strata Coverages
The BFL Canada Strata Program Coverage

Insurance Certificate

The strata insurance summary, included with your AGM Agenda package, gives you a summary of coverage.  When purchasing insurance for your condo it is best to provide this summary of coverage to your insurance agent.  It will help them understand what coverage you need.

Strata Protect Insurance Summary to Jan 18, 2025

Insurance Coverages and Wording 2023-01-19

New Policy Notice re Deductibles Jan 18, 2024

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