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Enterphone System

The enterphone, located at each lobby and garage entrance, can be used to buzz your guest into the building.  Once you have moved into your condo you can request to be programmed.  Here is a list of things to know.

1.  You don't need a landline.  We can program your listing to go to a cell phone.


2.  You don't need a local Kelowna number.  We can program your listing for anywhere in Canada or the United States.


3.  We will program your listing as "Last Name, First Initial".  That is the best way to be listed as that is how delivery drivers will search for you in the listing.  We can use up to 14 characters so if we have room we will put your full last and first name.


4.  We will not program generic listings like "Mike" or "Mickey Mouse".  You will get too many calls for entry.

5.  When ordering something from the internet or food delivery, give your buzz code as part of your address.  We use "strata lot numbers" for your buzz code, not your suite number.  If you don't give your buzz code they will likely use your suite number and you will not get your delivery.


6.  Once your guest has buzzed your code your phone will ring.  You can speak to them for 60 seconds and then the enterphone will hand up the call.


7.  You press "6" to let the person in the lobby or to open the garage door for visitor parking.  In the Skye Tower the security for your floor will be disabled for 10 minutes to let your guest up the elevator.


8.  Please speak to your guest to verify their identity before buzzing them in.


9.  If you need information changed on your listing, email the changes to the office at  Give your full name and address as well as the new phone number you would like programmed.


10.  We do allow a second listing at lobby entrances.

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