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Bylaws at a Glance

Download the Official Bylaw Document

These "Bylaws at a Glance" are not the legal bylaws of the strata.  These are the main points of our bylaws for tenants.  Owners should, at some point, familiarize themselves with the full bylaws document.

Bylaws at a Glance - Enjoyable Living Guidelines

Bylaws can feel like a list of DONT’s but they are intended to be a safeguard for enjoyable living for residents.  Imagine what our parkade would look like if we allowed storage in the stalls or what it would be like to take your dog for a walk if there were other unleashed dogs everywhere.  We have bylaws to protect the residents and owners from the few people who might ruin community life for the many.

We have compiled a short list of the most frequently referred to bylaws and rules for your information. The actual full set of bylaws of the strata corporation can be downloaded from our website at


  1. Form K’s - must be submitted to the strata office within 14 days of taking possession of a unit.

  2. Garbage 

    1. Garbage and recycling must be deposited in appropriate bins.

    2. No dumping of furniture or household items in the garbage room.

    3. No batteries, flammable materials, paints, hazardous wastes, tires.

  3. Patios and Balconies

    1. Allowed items are properly secured shade umbrellas, propane or electric barbeques, potted plants and “summer designed” furniture, patio carpets and an unaltered, CSA approved, fire table no higher than 33 inches accompanied by a 5 lb fire extinguisher.

    2. No satellite dishes.

    3. Do not toss cigarette butts from balconies.

    4. Do not allow water to flow over the edge of your balcony.

    5. Do not shake or hang rugs, towels or clothing over railings.

    6. Smoking on patios or balconies must not be a nuisance to neighbours.

    7. No wind chimes.

    8. Limited patio lighting is permitted, no more than 4 led fixtures positioned on the patio floor.

  4. Christmas Lights - are allowed from Dec 1st to Jan 31st only.

  5. Christmas Trees – live Christmas trees are not permitted in units or on patios.

  6. Alcohol – there is no open alcohol allowed in the common areas including the pool area, Cascade Lounge, billiard room, hot tubs, lobbies or hallways.

  7. Marijuana – the growth of marijuana is prohibited everywhere at Waterscapes including in your suite or on your balcony.  Small preparation is permitted but must not emit odors or be an insurance risk.

  8. Pool Rules

    1. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

    2. Children that are not toilet trained are not permitted to use the pool unless they are wearing a proper swim diaper.

    3. No floatation devices allowed except for personal safety floatation.

    4. Absolutely no alcohol allowed by the pool, hot tubs, barbeque.

    5. Maximum 6 guests per resident are allowed.

    6. Read the “Pool Rules” sign posted at the poolside.

  9. Binds – must be cream or white in color and similar to the original.

  10. Signage – No signage of any type is allowed in windows or balconies except election signs.

  11. Noise – Noise from the strata lot cannot be a nuisance to neighbours at any time of day.

  12. Smoking – Is prohibited in all common areas of the complex.

  13. Pets

    1. Dogs must be properly licensed.

    2. Maximum two pets per unit.

    3. No dangerous breed dogs.

    4. Pets must be on leash on common property.

    5. Pets must be kept quiet and controlled.

    6. No exotic pets.

    7. Cats must be kept in the condo units.

    8. Dog waste in first floor yards must be picked up immediately.

    9. Pet waste damage to lawns will be charged to owners.

  14. Moves - All moves must be reported on the strata website and the move procedures must be followed.

  15. Cigarette Butts – must not be discarded over balconies or anywhere on common property.

  16. Cascade Club Rules

    1. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

    2. No smoking.

    3. No alcohol.

    4. Maximum 2 guests per resident are allowed.

    5. No personal music except with head phones.

  17. Visitor Parking

    1. Resident vehicles are not permitted to use visitor parking.

    2. Visitor parking is for 5 calendar days per week maximum.

    3. Visitor parking tags must be displayed.

    4. Vehicles in violation of these rules are subject to fines, towing or the use of an immobilizer.

  18. Resident Parking Stalls

    1. Vehicles must be registered, insured and fully operable.

    2. Motorcycles must be parked in owners stall only or assigned motorcycle parking spots.

    3. No vehicle washing or repairs allowed in parking stalls.

    4. Vehicles cannot drip oil, gasoline, or any automotive residue.

    5. There is no storage allowed of any type in parking stalls.

    6. Parking stalls can be rented only to other residents of Waterscapes.

    7. Residents must keep their stalls clean.

    8. Residents must park only in the stalls assigned to their strata lot.

  19. Bicycles

    1. Bicycle parking at lobby entries is prohibited from 10 P.M. to 6 A.M. daily.

    2. Bicycles stored in the locker areas racks must have a current strata sticker.  Email the office to received your dated and numbered sticker.

    3. Bicycles must be locked when stored.

    4. Bicycles cannot be stored on balconies or patios.

  20. Storage Lockers

    1. No storage of hazardous or flammable substances.

    2. Use only your assigned locker as posted in each locker area.

    3. It is recommended that you do not keep valuables in your locker.

    4. It is recommended that you keep your locker locked even if it is empty to prevent someone from using your storage space or depositing unwanted items in your locker.

  21. Insurance – owners/tenants must have a comprehensive insurance policy in place.

  22. Fines

    1. Maximum fines of $200 for a bylaw violation and $100 for a rule violation may be imposed and a $500 for a rental restriction violation.

    2. A fine may be imposed every 7 days.

  23. Short-term Rentals

    1. Short-term rentals are prohibited except by those owners who purchased directly from the developer.  The owner must provide a City of Kelowna Business license to the strata each year.

  24. Miscellaneous

    1. All building keys, parkade gate openers, etc. remain the property of the Strata Corporation.

    2. Lobby doors must be kept closed at all times.

    3. Strata units are to be used for residential purposes.

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